4 Girl Chair Trick!

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Check out another cool version of this trick here:

Thank you to everyone that participated in this video. You all did an awesome job! Check out the links below to follow some of the girls in the video.

Girl pulling chairs:

Girl in red shirt:

Here’s a simple, fun and amazing trick to try with friends, family or at a party. Just follow the layout of the chairs in the video. Make sure everyones height is about the same. You can do the trick with 3 or more people. Visually, I feel that 4 gives the best effect.

Have fun!


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35 thoughts on “4 Girl Chair Trick!”

  1. Gonna try to do this with the boys

    Edit: turns out this only works as the title describes, with girls, there is a black hole in my living room now. I don’t know what to tell my realtor.

  2. try this with 4 dudes and it's a statistical inevitability one of the four will prank fart, collapsing the entire thing while everyone scrambles for cover


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