Affirming what is MINE | Angel Number 818 ✨👱🏽‍♀️♥️

Hey y’all heyyy ♥️

***I recorded this video on January 18th, 2022**

The title of this video is “Angel Number 818″ because it saw it at the end of the video, but also it is my little sister birthday and the day I launched my business. Oddly enough, I recorded this video on nephew, Leo’s birthday… who is the son of my little sister. Crazy, right? My Angel always giving me confirmations when I’m in alignment.

Angel number 818 promises the an achievement peace in your life. Additionally, it is a sign of manifested prosperity and fortune in your life. This number could be a sign that an important time in your life is drawing to a close. What’s wild, is that I spoke this affirmations on my life on January 18th, 2022. On April 18th, 2022 I landed my dream job as a Social Media Manager. The link to that video is below:

Mainfested My Dream Job✨:

One of my goals in life has always been to be an inspiration to others through encouragement and uplifting words. I’m beginning to realize that my life journey is much simpler than I anticipated for myself. I am meant to be an inspiration by simply documenting and sharing the ways that God and my angels move in my life. Allow my life and journey to be a living testiment that you too can achieve great success in life if you have faith in yourself and put in the work to achieve your desires. ♥️


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