Ajay Devgan Net Worth, Height And Weight

When it comes to Bollywood stars, you’ve probably heard of Ajay Devgan. He is a well-known actor in India. He even made the list of the top 15 most popular Bollywood actors. Since the 1990s, this one actor has been engaged in the world of Bollywood. According to Forbes, his name is number 12 on the list of the top 100 Bollywood celebrities.

According to reports, his net worth has decreased over the years. Nonetheless, he is one of the Bollywood stars with a large income. In fact, he was honored by the government as the fourth highest-earning citizen.

Where is Ajay Devgan income from?

Most of his main income he got through his acting talent. He has starred in many Bollywood films, from action to comedy. Apart from movies, he also gets some parts from advertisements, and promotions. Reportedly, not only acting, but Devgan also gets a salary from being a stage performer and director.

How Much Does Ajay Devgan Monthly Earning?

From his acting skills, he can get a salary of around 1 Crore INR or more. In fact, he can make a profit of around 12 Crore INR more for one film he plays. Combined, Devgan’s total salary is around 30 Crore INR per year.

How Much Property of Ajay Devgan?

According to reports, Devgan purchased two villas in Mumbai. He paid over 30 crore INR for one villa. He also purchased many properties, although there is no more information available regarding these purchases.

Aside from Villa, Devgan owns a number of luxury vehicles, including the Audi A5 Sportback, Rolls Royce Cullian, Range Rover Vogue, BMW 730Ld, and Maserati Quattroporte.

What Is Ajay Devgan Net Worth?

You must be interested in the quantity of his wealth and income, right? This article will go through the attractive actor’s earnings and net worth.

Ajay Devgan net worth in dollars

According to the latest data, in 2021 Devgan’s net worth is estimated at around $40 million. The majority of his fortune came from the films in which he starred. Furthermore, he is said to have made business investments, increasing his riches even further.

Ajay Devgan net worth in rupees

His net worth, which reached $40 million, when converted into rupees, would amount to around 294 crore INR. This extraordinary amount has made him known as the highest-earning person in India.

How Tall Is Ajay Devgan In Feet, Inch And Cm?

This handsome actor has a height of about 5 feet 10 inches or about 178 cm. You could say his height is quite normal for an adult man.

How Much Does Ajay Devgan Weight?

Devgan’s weight is about 80 Kg (176 lbs). Even so, he has a healthy body and is fairly good.


His great acting career has made him extremely rich. He even received some attention as a result of his extremely high salary. His fortune, which totals approximately $40 million, is the result of his previous hard work. According to reports, Ajay Devgan also made an investment, causing his fortune to grow year after year.

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