Bajan Canadian Net Worth And Height

Bajan Canadian was one of YouTube’s most popular gamers. He was a prominent live broadcaster, especially in the community for Minecraft players. Besides, he was also an active member of Team Crafted, his collab squad. However, he suddenly vanished from the public eye. So, read on to know more about what happened to this gamer to the point that he stopped making videos for almost three years.

Where is Bajan Canadian Income From?

Bajan Canadian, born Mitchell Donnell-Ralph Hughes, was a social media sensation who had outstanding skills in playing Minecraft. He was also one of a few YouTube creators to appear in the YouTuber Intro Challenge. He had over 6 million YouTube subscribers before he ceased making videos.

On this point, it can be concluded he made money from all the Minecraft-related videos he posted on the major platform of video streaming. He earned his earnings from monetizing all the ad views. But no sources reported that he also made a living through sponsorships or other sources of income that YouTubers used to make.

How Much Does Bajan Canadian Monthly Earning?

While it has been three years since Mitchell posted a video on YouTube, he still had 5.7 million YouTube subscribers. He started his first YouTube channel in 2010. He had more than 3 thousand views on a daily basis and approximately a hundred thousand views every month on average.

If he monetized all his videos before he was going AWOL, he could earn around $5,000 to $200,000 every month. Obviously, it’s nothing but an estimation since Mitchell has never publicly revealed how much cash he made as a professional content creator on YouTube.

What is Bajan Canadian Net Worth?

Aside from being a professional YouTube content creator, Mitchell was also a member of Team Crafted along with other gamers, such as SkyDoesMinecraft and Jerome. That was a collaboration squad that was intentionally formed in order to provide them assistance in creating more consistent YouTube content.

Bajan Canadian Net Worth in Dollars

Mitchell’s net worth is estimated to be somewhere around $1 million. Of course, the actual net worth of this Canadian gamer is still unknown. However, some online sources estimate it to be about $1 million.

Bajan Canadian Net Worth in Rupees

If it is in Indian currency, Mitchell would have an estimated net worth of more than 7 crore INR. However, some other sources estimated that his net worth was more than that. If his other revenue sources were to be addressed, his net worth could be around 14,3 crore INR.

How Tall is Bajan Canadian in Feet, Inch and Cm?

Mitchell is turning 27 in March this year. This Canadian man is believed to stand towering of around 6 feet and 0 inches. If it is in cm, he is 183 cm in height. This YouTuber is indeed taller than most of the Canadian men.


No one really knows what makes Bajan Canadian stops making videos for almost three years. He tweeted in April 2021 that “life has been good,” and he thanked his followers for always thinking of him.

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