Best Gaming Laptop 2022 Deals: ASUS, Legion, Alienware & More | Gaming Laptop 2022 Buying Guide

The Best Gaming Laptop 2022 Buying Guide. Important information on how to get the Best Gaming Laptop 2022 and specific product picks for best budget gaming laptop 2022 up to ultra high performance gaming laptop 2022. 🔻Click Show More For Links🔻

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▶️Cooling Pads:

HIGH END Best Gaming Laptop 2022
— RTX 3080 Ti Laptop —
▶️$3500 Alienware X17 R2 i7 12700H / 32GB
▶️$3790 MSI GE76 i7 12700H / 32GB
▶️$3350 MSI GE66 i7 12700H / 32GB
▶️$2999 M17 R5 Ryzen 6900HX / 32GB
▶️$3049 ASUS Scar 17 i9 12900H / 32GB
🔥$1899 Gigabyte 15P Ryzen 5800H / 32 GB
🔥$2148 ASUS Scar 15 Ryzen 5800H / 16GB
🔥$1999 MSI GP66 i7 11800H / 16GB

HIGH MIDRANGE Best Gaming Laptop 2022
▶️ $2049 ASUS Scar 15 i9 12900H / RTX 3070 Ti / 16GB
▶️ $1715 Dell G15 Ryzen 6800H / RTX 3070 Ti / 16GB
🔥$1450 ASUS Strix G15 Ryzen 5980HX / 6800M / 16GB
🔥$1540 Legion 5 Pro Ryzen 5800H / RTX 3070 /16GB

MIDRANGE Best Gaming Laptop 2022
▶️$1500 ASUS TUF F15 i7 12700H / RTX 3060 / 16GB
▶️$1450 Dell G15 i7 12700H / RTX 3060 / 16GB
🔥$1170 Legion 5 Ryzen 5800H / RTX 3060 / 16GB
🔥$1170 Dell G15 Ryzen 5800H / RTX 3060 / 16GB

Best Budget Gaming Laptop 2022 / Best Cheap Gaming Laptop 2022
▶️$900 HP Pavilion Ryzen 4800H / GTX 1660 Ti / 16GB
▶️$885 Legion 5 Ryzen 5800H / RTX 3050 Ti / 16GB
▶️$829 Gigabyte G5 i5 11400H / RTX 3050 / 16GB
🔥$799 XPG Xenia i7 9750H / GTX 1660 Ti / 16GB
▶️$760 Lenovo Ryzen 5600H / GTX 1650 / 16GB

THIN & LIGHT Best Gaming Laptop 2022
▶️$2150 ASUS Zephyrus 16 i9 12900H / RTX 3070 Ti /16GB
▶️$1650 ASUS Zephyrus 14 Ryzen 6900HS / 6800S / 16GB
▶️$1350 ASUS TUF Dash 15 i7 12650H / RTX 3060 / 16GB

Looking to buy the best Gaming laptop 2022? In this best gaming laptop 2022 buying guide we review what you need to know to get the best gaming laptop in 2022 including graphics card, CPU, RAM, screen, and other important features. At the high end of best gaming laptop 2022, we have the RTX 3080 Ti Laptop models with up to 175W TGP. Just below that we have the RTX 3080 laptop models with up to 155W TGP. Some of the best gaming laptop 2022 deals are actually closeouts on 2021 models, as GPU models remain essentially the same in 2022. RTX 3070 Ti laptop and RTX 3070 laptop models along with Radeon 6800M are in the midrange of the best gaming laptops 2022. At the lower midrange we find RTX 3060 laptop models. We cover the best gaming laptop under $1000 with the best budget gaming laptop 2022, and the best cheap gaming laptop. If you want to get gaming on the go, you can find the best laptop for gaming 2022.

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Video Index
0:00 Best Gaming Laptop 2022
0:26 Thin & Light vs Max Performance
0:51 What Laptop Graphics Card? How to choose
1:43 Total Graphics Power (TGP) – What is it?
2:37 Laptop GPUs by Performance
4:09 What CPU for Best Gaming Laptop 2022?
5:01 Don’t Lose FPS – MUX Switch & Optimus
5:44 How Much RAM For Gaming? Editing?
6:31 Laptop Screen – 1080p vs 1440p vs 4K
7:07 Laptop Cooling Pads – Do They Work?
7:34 Buy Now or Wait? Deals Available?
8:15 Ultra High End Best Gaming Laptop 2022
8:30 MSI Raider GE76 RTX 3080 Ti Laptop
9:34 Alienware X17 R2 RTX 3080 Ti Laptop
10:53 ASUS ROG Strix Scar 17 (2022 Model)
11:27 Alienware m17 R5
11:59 Great Deals on 2021 RTX 3080 Laptop
12:20 Aorus 15P RTX 3080 (2021)
12:57 ASUS Strix Scar 15 (2021)
13:22 MSI GP66 (2021)
13:57 High Midrange Best Gaming Laptop 2022
14:10 ASUS Scar 15 RTX 3070 Ti
14:30 Lenovo Legion 5 Pro 3070 (2021)
15:31 ASUS ROG G15 (2021)
16:15 Best Thin & Light Gaming Laptop 2022
16:22 ASUS ROG Zephyrus 16
17:11 ROG Zephyrus 14
18:09 Where are Razer Laptops?
18:29 Midrange Best Gaming Laptop 2022
18:37 Dell G15 RTX 3060 (2022)
19:19 Dell G15 (2021)
19:49 Lenovo Legion 5 (2021)
20:10 Cheaper Lower TGP 3060 Laptops
20:38 Thin & Light – ASUS TUF Dash 15
21:11 Under $1000 – Best Budget Gaming Laptop 2022
21:44 GTX 1660 Ti Laptops
22:35 RTX 3050 Laptops
23:40 Cheapest Gaming Laptop GTX 1650
24:21 CAT!


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39 thoughts on “Best Gaming Laptop 2022 Deals: ASUS, Legion, Alienware & More | Gaming Laptop 2022 Buying Guide”

  1. Hey Dell G15 special edition 5511 i7 11800H 16gb ram RTX 3060 (130w I guess) and 360Hz display 1099$ worth or not… Should I wait for better deal…

  2. For me buying a laptop is a must because i travel allot, Doing my work on it and gaming, But for the last 10 years of owing and using high end gaming laptop it felt very bad do to the fact they STILL weak compare to the same GPU on the desktop, Anyway another great video and amazing work keep it up thank you!

  3. I'm not in the market for a laptop but this was still interesting, I wonder tho when you get a panel that is like 165hz for example. If the hardware can't drive that refresh rate does it look worse, or is it variable up to that. Thanks

  4. !!!Looking for some good youtube advice!!!

    I am a first time PC builder planning on getting my parts from May 2022 to later 2022 and then start building. I was debating between Intel's i7 12700k (I can get at MC for $300) or Ryzens 5900x (I can get for $370 at MC). I know both of these prices are awesome BUT I also know 13th gen is coming soon and 7000 series. However, I know it is not always the best idea to be the ‘first time’ buyer for new gen tech (you usually want to wait like a year). I also know Mobos for intel are more $$$ than ryzen (especially the ddr5 ones). Also, alder-lake can support ddr5. Keep in mind I will be using my PC for gaming, work, 3D rendering softwares, and multitasking.

    So my question is, which one of these CPUS should I go with? OR should I wait until next gen (I mean alder-lake can already support ddr5). Should I stick with a pcie 4 build for the next few years? Or try to aim for a pcie 5 build… Also will next gen GPUS (Nvidia's 4000s or AMD rdna 3) be able to go onto a pcie 4 system? Any thoughts would be much appreciated:) Thank you!

  5. This is a very helpful video since I am thinking of getting either a gaming pc or laptop and helps with my decision

  6. THANK YOU SO MUCH JASON!!! We appreciate all the hard work you put into these video.

    This video helped me narrowed it down to 2, either Alienware or GE76 (Although my heart wants another MSI because I love them)

  7. on black friday last year i was able to find two MSI GF63’s (i think that’s the model name? idk) from walmart. each one had an i5-10400H and GTX 1650 max-Q with 8GB of RAM and 256GB of storage, for just $499 each. the funny thing is that the listed CPU was the 10400H but the CPU that actually shipped was the 10500H, which is a 6c/12t CPU instead of just 4c/8t. my younger sisters mostly play roblox and minecraft on them and use the HDMI port on the back to have a dual monitor setup. obviously 8GB of RAM isn’t ideal and the 1650 max-Q is low-end but compared to AMD athlon integrated graphics it’s like NASA to them. i highly doubt you could find something like that today for only $499, but it was pretty much a steal considering that most GPU’s cost more than that entire laptop back in november.

  8. Just so everyone knows if the ram is a weird number like 12GB thats means it has 4GB solder to the board and a single channel of memory of 8 GB

  9. Great video Jason and the team! The background music was a nice touch in the laptop breakdown. I learned new things! Keep up the quality content!

  10. Great video as always!! Only thing I would add is that rog strix g15 advantage edition is on sale at Best Buy for like $1,533.99. So the $2000 price on Amazon is a bit overpriced for that one compared to Best Buy.

  11. Thanks for the video ! There isn't a lot of recommendation for the gaming laptops. most gamers are still focusing on the desktop due to the lower price-performance comparisons plus the larger monitor screen. However, there is a market for gaming laptops for those who are college students or someone who live in tiny apartments in the cities.
    Besides gaming laptops can be good options to connect to your TV if you want a larger display with 1080p or 1440p resolutions. Besides it may be a good alternative for those still waiting for XBOX One S or PS5.
    For laptops, it will be great to have more recommendation for the peripherals because you don't want to abuse your laptop keyboard for FPS. A good wired mechanical keyboard and a fast wired gaming mouse will really be helpful.

  12. Nice reviews as thinking of picking up a laptop, but wish, while I know options are limited you'd had gone into more depth on best lower end laptops versus pushing high end units, while not sure how many prospective laptop buyers are looking at lower end cost effect models around $1000 or less, as my interest in buying a laptop is as a back-up in power failures, and mobile usage to allow gaming away from home.

  13. Hey PC builder I want to build a full PC setup including the monitor,keyboard,headset and mouse and I want to play games like Fortnite,warzone and etc I really want a build with the Ryzen 7 5700g Apu build but I don't know If this is better than the Ryzen 5 5600g in integrated graphics gaming I heard that they are a bit similar in games so can you tell me your thoughts on this ?
    In my build I went with the Ryzen 7 5700g my motherboard is a gigabyte b550m ds3h motherboard my ram is the Kingston fury beast rgb 16gb dual my storage will be the team mp33 512gb SSD my (I will not tell you the case since I think you dont really recognize this brand here in the Philippines but I will tell you the psu) my psu will be the iforgame Ak600 600watt psu 80+ white you might not be familiar with this kind of brand but I think it's kind of legit so that's the PC.(and I hope this gets noticed and pinned)

  14. just want to let you know that the 6800M is more comparable to the rtx 3070 and likewise the 6700M is more comparable to the rtx 3060

  15. dont buy junk as asus rog and similar gygabite or especially Alienware for 1900-2000+$ with rtx 3080!! far best for money are 5800h+rtx 3070 for around 1300-1400$ but from Lenovo and with 3070 from Lenovo you will get basically performance/fps as with those junks of Gygabite,asus,alienware with 3080 or few fps more or less depend on games

  16. Legion 7 Pro wasn't on the list and honestly it should be. I grabbed a refurbed from MicroCenter less than $2,500 with an AMD 5900hx , 32 gigs, rtx 3080 with mux, (i believe 145 or so tdp), and purchased an extended warranty just in case of anything but I'm always onboard for refurbished because it means they fixed the thing that would have been an issue if I had purchased it new :). The laptop was in perfect condition, i ran benchmarks and stress test to make sure all was well and it passed with flying colors.
    I bought the laptop because I needed a beefy setup for work that didn't look like a gaming laptop and yes it has rgb lights but I disabled them with a work profile that loads on booting the laptop up 🙂 At night when i'm home or working remote I switch profiles with a hotkey and live in RGB heaven.
    The laptop games at 1440p better than my desktop which is rocking a 3070ti , 32 gigs, 5800x cpu. If you have doubts go watch Jays2cents test and review of Legion 7 pro. P.S. never buy a dell alienware laptop, ever. Dell is complete trash.

  17. Can you help me please ? These are my options
    1. Legion 5: Ryzen 5 5600H+RTX3070 at FHD 15.6"
    2. Legion 5 Pro: Ryzen 7 5800H+RTX3070 at WQHD (1600p).

    So keeping in mind that I only intend to use it for games like Warzone and Battlefield and normal net surfing, which model would you recommend me ?

  18. I'm buying msi pulse gl66
    Is that good for me to buy it
    Please tell me coz I'm making big investment on it ….

  19. What would be a better choice
    i9 12900h with a rtx 3070 ti (asus strix 15)
    i7 11700h with a rtx 3080 (gigabyte aurous 15p)
    Basically looking for the best gaming laptop under 2300 usd.

  20. i got GP66 when it came out got 11800h and rtx3070 for $1900 if i waited 8 months i could have bought 3080 version for $1700 when it was on sale

  21. Anyone recon the prices of 3070 ti will drop as the 3060 ti's prices have gone down from around £650 to 500 or some are sellimg for less where as the 3070 ti costs around 700 (2nd hand) mabey 650 if u get lucky


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