Big Marvel Net Worth, Height And Weight

Big Marvel is also known as Hwang Myunghun. He is a South Korean musician and YouTuber. He gains money from social media, and he is basically very famous for his comedic skits on his channel, as well as for his daily vlog. This is what you need to know more about the YouTuber. The information includes the net worth in 2021, along with many other things about the YouTuber.

Where Is Big Marvel Income From?

Well, the main source of the YouTuber’s money is definitely from YouTube. His channel is very famous, and there are more than 8 million people subscribing to his channel. Moreover, the channel has uploaded more than 160 videos, and each has more than 500,000 views. He gains money from there as YouTube has the policy of paying YouTuber based on views and clicks.

How Much Does Big Marvel Monthly Earning?

As we know, his videos are mostly about daily vlogging and humors. He gets even more famous when his rubber chicken music covers got viral. From YouTube alone, it is believed this YouTuber is capable to make money more than 400,000 USD per month. The amount of money is impressive considering YouTube is like only his source of money.

How Much Property of Big Marvel?

Based on some sources, the YouTuber is living in Seoul, South Korea, but it is never identified where he lives exactly. Because he gains so much money, of course he will have some properties, and it is believed his house is in Seoul. He also owns cars, and some of them are displayed in his YouTube channel videos.

What Is Big Marvel Net Worth?

Big Marvel Net Worth In Dollars

In USD, his overall money is around 3 million USD. His money is coming from his YouTube channel and that seems to be the only source. However, he is a smart man and surely he has made some investments along the way. The kind of investment and how much is it worth should never get informed to public.

Big Marvel Net Worth In Rupees

21 crore INR is his net worth in rupee. You can tell the money is a lot, but you should remember he is a very successful celeb with the status as one of the most famous YouTubers in South Korea, as well as a great singer. This is why his money seems to be flowing everywhere.

How Tall Is Big Marvel In Feet, Inch And Cm?

He is around 172 cm or 5 feet 8 inches, which is quite typical for South Korean man. He is slender and has great-looking physical appearance.

How Much Does Big Marvel Weight?

His weight is around 50 kg or 110 lbs. It makes him look so sleek and slim.


In conclusion, this YouTuber is very successful. He gets his own records and singles like “I’m Done” and “Papi Misterio”. Moreover, he gains even more money from his YouTube channel. The name Big Marvel will always be famous, at least for now.

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