CORSAIR combines color and performance in its new RAM memories

CORSAIR is a very veteran manufacturer in terms of manufacturing RAM for PCs, and as they always say “better late than never”, they have just announced the launch of their new RAM memories CORSAIR Vengeance RGB DDR5who arrive to offer the best performance of the new generation of memory with the quality and the characteristic color of this family of manufacturer’s products.

DDR5 RAM has been on the market for a few months now, but due to chip shortages, shipping issues, and other external factors, product releases and upgrades to the new generation seem to be trickling down. Now CORSAIR has finally upgraded its Vengeance RGB RAM to the next generation, offering the same quality and customization as ever, but with the upgraded performance of next-generation RAM.

CORSAIR maximizes performance with the quality of always

Initially, this family of RAM memory from the manufacturer is launched in speeds of up to 6,400 MT/S and in capacities of up to 32 GB (2 modules of 16 GB each), but later we will see higher speeds and other combinations in terms of capacity. , with the aim of being able to meet all the potential needs of users. They are also released with black and white aluminum heatsinks.

Vengeance DDR5 CORSAIR

Aesthetically, this new memory family is exactly the same as the previous one (DDR4), only logically DDR5 is silkscreened in the center of the heatsinks to differentiate them from previous models. This also means that they maintain their efficient high-quality aluminum heatsinks that manage to keep the operating temperature of the chips at good levels without effort, giving the devices an excellent Overclock capacity.

CORSAIR Vengeance RGB DDR5 RAM family offers lighting RGB in 10 zones which is configurable through the brand’s software, iCUE, being able to configure the color and effects to suit the user. The lighting is located in the upper area of ​​the memory modules with a translucent bar that homogenizes the color and effects, giving the system an elegant or aggressive look as desired, but always homogeneous. In addition, thanks to the software, the lighting can be easily synchronized with the rest of the devices that you have installed on your PC.

On this occasion, iCUE is capable of storing and modifying the Intel XMP 3.0 profiles of the memories, as well as controlling the individual voltage to be able to achieve much more stable Overclock levels (this is only compatible if you have an Intel processor and a platform brand Z690).

We will be able to tell you all this first-hand shortly, since the manufacturer is going to send us a kit of this RAM memory so that we can tell you how it works in our usual analysis.

Price, availability and guarantee

As is customary in this manufacturer, the Vengeance RGB DDR5 have a limited lifetime warranty, which means that unless you physically break them due to poor handling, you have the peace of mind that in the event of any failure that they may give you, the manufacturer will keep you covered.

Vengeance RGB DDR5

As we have mentioned before, these RAM memories are available in speeds of up to 6,400 MHz and in capacities of up to 32 GB (2 × 16 GB), whose price is €354.99 in the most expensive variant and €259.99 in the cheapest model (32 GB at 5,200 MHz).

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