Five tricks when you need more hours of battery life on your laptop

Now that it is summer, many of us take our laptop on vacation and many times it is connected to the power supply for less time than usual. Whether this is the case or not, we have thought to give you a series of simple tips so thatto battery life of your laptop be longer than usual and that they can be very good for you if your computer is already relatively old.

Every computer, regardless of whether we are talking about a laptop or a desktop, is characterized by one thing. It is made up of many components that have to be fed at the same time. The key to achieving lower consumption and also longer battery life? Make sure that our PC is not consuming electricity on superfluous things.

How to increase battery life easily?

For this we are going to teach you five simple tricks that anyone can do and that do not require advanced technical knowledge to carry them out and that will help you to make your laptop battery last much longer.

battery lifeLaptop battery running low

Disconnect peripherals you don’t use

Today, USB ports have the ability to power the peripherals that are connected to them and if they are the new USB-C with fast charging capacity, then even more so. So one way to save some battery life is to unplug peripherals that you’re not using at all times.

Reduce screen brightness

The screen on a laptop is what consumes the most on a laptop and the more pixels the panel has, the worse the situation. So it is very important that the brightness of the screen is at the right point and not too high, since otherwise you will see the battery drained in less time than you expect.

Turn off Wi-Fi and Bluetooth if you don’t use them

Today we cannot live without the internet, but there are times at work or when playing certain games that it is not necessary to be connected to the internet. So it is recommended to turn off wireless radios when not in use. Not in vain, most manufacturers usually give the maximum duration of a battery without active WiFi connectivity due to the impact that it still has today on their duration.

Consumption plan is important for battery life

This may sound complicated, but depending on what the operating system allows the processor and the graphics to use, we will find that our PC will perform more or less inversely proportional to the battery life. The trick is that if we are doing simple tasks, prevent the components from making accelerations that increase the level of consumption.

Windows Power Plans

Luckily, Windows offers us a series of power plans that we recommend you use depending on how you are using the PC at all times. If, for example, you need to write a university project, you are not going to need all the power of your system, but only part of it.

Keep an eye on apps running in the background

If you have an application running all the time and you don’t use it, we recommend closing it, if this is one of those that starts automatically, then press the CTRL, ALT and DEL keys at the same time, select the task manager and disable those applications that you don’t need from the home tab.

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