FIXING My iPhone With Self-Repair! Apple TRICKED Me…

Luke’s video:

I put Apple’s new self-service repair program to the test…alongside the guidance of @Luke Miani (who I wouldn’t have been able to complete the repair without). It is absolutely bonkers, so many instructions having been properly updated and we had countless issues with a key piece of rental equipment. Overall, I don’t recommend this to anyone and I’m shocked that Apple put their name behind this.

0:00 Intro
0:46 Part 1: What you get
2:45 Part 2: Repair setup
7:15 Part 3: Disassembly
10:34 Part 4: Reassembly
12:12 Part 5: Last steps
13:56 Part 6: Final thoughts

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24 thoughts on “FIXING My iPhone With Self-Repair! Apple TRICKED Me…”

  1. As an Apple technician I loved this video. Thank you for showing the word what we go through every day. The first weeks of the iPhone 12 repairs were hell. We faced all these same issues and it is no joke. The tools Apple sends are very helpful. The moment I saw you smash your phone more I thought “that was a mistake” and it definitely made the repair harder for you. Typically I can get the screen off in the fixture with just a black stick and the black wedge. The wedge is long enough there’s just no good tool.

  2. Sam, please edit your audio properly. I don’t usually comment on YouTube, but watching this video with my iPhone – it hurt! Sometimes the audio just came out from one side!!! Listen to your buddy Jon!

    Otherwise, keep it up! Great content!!

  3. Yo, Snazzy Labs did this without a hitch and he did it alone so I guess this happens when two clowns go at it

  4. Real question is did the phone recognize it as genuine and get true tone ect. Or was that another step ?

  5. When you want to JUST replace the battery, you have to take the screen off and put it back on INTACT! Regarding what you did to the display, that would be pretty much impossible to do for a non experienced person!

  6. The Apple Self Repair is so Apple can gather eviidence to have the anti self repair lobbyists state to senators that "Customers would rather have Apple do the repair, than do it themselves".

    Right to repair should be that you have the right to repair any Apple product by either doing it yourself or takiking it to an Independent repairer (just like you do your car etc).

    Apple should provide the firmware and schematics / repair diagnostics so anybody can fix their own product, using either official Apple parts or third party parts.

    Reasons people want to repair things themselves, or have an Independent Repairer do the job.

    a. Its cheaper
    b. They can repair Apple items that Apple no longer will repair.
    c. They can repair things that Apple won't repair. (Component repairs, chip replacements etc.
    d. They have the option to use official parts, and if it is an older item (say a Mid 2015 Mackbook Pro or a Late 2009 iMac) they can use 3rd party items to repair (after all Apple doesn't provide those parts.
    e. From what I have seen, after watching people use Apple Self Service. Only the latest 3 iPhone models are covered.

    What about all the other Apple products?

    iPads, older iPhones, Mac minis, Macbook lites, M1 etc etc

    This is a token effort so Apple and ANTI self repair lobbyists can say "We cave customers the choice to repair there own equipment and the majority chose to have Apple do it instead""

    The fact you have to phone Apple after the repair absolutely sucks. If you don't you cannot complete the repair.

    This doesn't helps Independent Repair shops does it? Apple will have a list of people, addresses and device serial numbers of those who have either self repaired or got there device repaired by an Independent repairer. You should be able to get access to schematics, diagnostic software and tools and if it is a more recent Apple product original [parts to complete the repair.

    Why should Apple be bothered that I have fixed my Late 2009 iMac myself? Because they want tyou to buy new products.
    If you had access to schematics, diagnostic software, repair manuals, firmware and the tools Apple uses, or used to use for a particular model you could even do component level repairs that Apple won't do. Apple doesn't have to stocks items for very old products, they just have to authorise the use of 3rd party products in repairs.

    A lot less Apple phones, iPad, Macbooks, Macs, Mac mini etc would end up in landfill.

  7. WOW, yall made this look way more complicated than it should have been. Hammering the screen did not help, but Quinn from SnazyLabs made it look like what a somewhat competent technician can do. This was showing what the rest of the 82% of the population would think of this procedure. Having said all that, Id prolly just take it to Apple

  8. This video made me so mad 😂 it’s so much easier to do this without the equipment they send out. They just overcomplicate things

  9. You could’ve give me the job and I would hav your phone running in no time and I don’t hav those fancy tools because it’s not needed

  10. Wow. I'm going to buy an iPhone and throw it on the ground tomorrow. This whole experience looks just awesome to me.

  11. Felicidades, es un buen ejemplo.

    250 sentadillas son unos 4.FO/L-J27g1 muchas y un buen ejercicio.

    5:25 Se deja ver que hay muy buenos resultados 😍👍

    Saludos desde la Cd.. de world 🌹😉💖

    los mortales abian apreciado tan hermosa mujer.

  12. Thank you for showing this process. It was interesting to see the process of replacing an iPhone screen. It isn’t as easy as just remove a few screws and cables, then drop a new screen in.


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