FunnyMike Net Worth, Height And Weight

FunnyMike is one of the most famous music stars. He began to be known by many people because he often appeared in several popular music videos. In addition, he is also known for his funny actions in a video that he uploads on his Youtube channel. He is also a Youtuber. On his channel, he uploads videos about pranks, challenges, comedy, vlogs, and music videos. He has the real name MacArthur Johnson. Some people are curious about the income he gets from his Youtube. There were also those who were curious about the amount of wealth he had. This article will provide the information regarding the income and net worth of FunnyMike.

Where Is FunnyMike Income From?

His main income is from his YouTube channel. The channel he has created since 2016 has reached around 6.7 million subscribers. Of the 508 videos he uploaded, he has gotten around 1 billion views. Also known, he is a rapper. He has released some of his own songs. The content he creates more often shows his activities with his friends and family. There is also funny content such as pranks and challenges.

How Much Does FunnyMike Monthly Earning?

From his Youtube channel, it is reported that he earns an average salary of $11.000 – $17.000 in 2021. The salary of a Youtuber can vary each month, but Mike’s income is quite stable.

How Much Property of FunnyMike?

There is no data yet on the exact number of properties owned by Mike. However, if you look at his Instagram account, you will find some photos that show some sides of his luxurious house. It is known that he now lives with his family in a fairly large house. He also often posts several collections of his Lamborghini cars.

What Is FunnyMike Net Worth?

FunnyMike net worth in dollars

The net worth of this YouTuber is estimated at around $3,15 million. Nevertheless, there is also data that says his net worth has now reached $5 million.

FunnyMike net worth in rupees

Mike’s net worth if converted into rupees will result in an amount of around 23 crore to 36,5 crore INR. That is a fairly large number considering that it has only been 5 years since he opened his Youtube channel.

How Tall Is FunnyMike In Feet, Inch And Cm?

From the latest data, it is known that Mike’s height is about 6 feet or about 183 cm (72 inches).

How Much Does FunnyMike Weight?

His weight is estimated to be around 72 Kg (158 lbs). He seems to have a fairly healthy and muscular body. He also often shows some of the body muscles that he has.


FunnyMike once said that patience is the key to his success. He has been through a lot of hard times. Thanks to his talent as a rapper and doing funny things, many people started to look up to him. All of his hard work has paid off in the form of a net worth that ranges from $3.15 million to $5 billion.

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