Gaurav Taneja Net Worth Height And Weight

Gaurav Taneja who is also known as the Flying Beast, is one of the biggest celebrities in India when it comes to the fitness and healthy lifestyle. The name is Flying Beast because he is a professional, certified pilot who can actually fly a plane.

However, he is also a fitness guru and professional nutritionist, so he has his muscular build and amazing stories to tell. This is what you need to know about him.

Where Is Gaurav Taneja Income From?

According to his profession and activities, he makes money by working as a pilot, an actual licensed one. He also makes money from his YouTube channels and his career as a nutritionist. He has license as well for this one.

How Much Does Gaurav Taneja Monthly Earning?

For your information, his monthly earning is around 27,000 USD. The money is from all over his career, including the body building, YouTube and everything else.

How Much Property Of Gaurav Taneja?

Based on some sources, he owns a house, for sure, and it is apparently not only in India because he travels the world so often. It is believed he lives in Dubai as well for some points, and he owns property there.

In India, it is believed he has money to get a house in West Delhi. Unfortunately, the location and the price tag of the house are unknown to this day.

What Is Gaurav Taneja Net Worth?

Gaurav Taneja Net Worth In Dollars

In USD, his total money is around 5 million USD. Well, he gets paid for many things, including his career in pilot and for his contents on YouTube. He is very rich by now as his social media platforms have many followers; millions of them on each platform.

Gaurav Taneja Net Worth In Rupees

In INR, the net worth is around 35 crore INR. The money is coming from many sources, including from his pilot salary, his content creator using YouTube channel, as well as from his fitness guru career.

Also, he is a certified nutritionist, and he gets paid for his help to people diet and weight loss programs.

How Tall Is Gaurav Taneja In Feet, Inch And Cm?

The guy is around 170 cm, or if you use feet and inches, he is around 5 feet 7 inches tall. Yes, he is a big muscular guy you do not want to mess with.

How Much Does Gaurav Taneja Weight?

He is so muscular, and thus his weight is around 202 lbs or around 92 kilograms if converted into the measurement.


With more than 2 million people subscribing to his Instagram, and more than 6 million people on YouTube channel, you can tell he is a very rich person, and he is very lucky because he can travel all over the world from his pilot career.

Moreover, he is very handsome and healthy. The name Gaurav Taneja or the Flying Beast will be one of the biggest celebs in India for sure.

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