Hands-on with the leaked One Outlook Client on Windows 11

In this video we go hands-on with the leaked One Outlook client on Windows 11, showcasing some of the new features and how it’s different from the Outlook web experience and Outlook PWA or Outlook Desktop app.

00:00-00:41: Introduction
00:41-1:12 Title Bar
1:12-2:16 The Various Menus
2:16-3:02 The new features
3:02-3:50 Themes and looks
3:50-5:05 Overall Performance
5:05-5:24 Ending and thanks!

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16 thoughts on “Hands-on with the leaked One Outlook Client on Windows 11”

  1. I am assuming this is the rumoured Project Monarch? If so, I am torn in two key ways:
    1) Part of me is happy it is the Outlook online interface and feature set. It brings Outlook more in-line with what people have come to expect with modern mail and calendar solutions. Legacy Outlook has been seriously lacking in some ways e.g. still defaulting to offline calendars for many accounts. I am glad to see Microsoft pulling users into the modern way of doing things with this new Outlook app. The other side of me is kind of disappointed. It is very similar to the PWA version of the existing Outlook online interface, big whoop. Nothing exciting, and likely the primary reason for my next point.
    2) You know that you will have the laggards and corporations that are violently set in their ways. They will force Microsoft to keep the legacy Outlook around for years to come. Therefore, this new Outlook is unlikely to change much, other than finally update the Mail & Calendar apps that seriously need it in Windows. The issues that comes with legacy Outlook are likely here to stay for the time being.

  2. I got myhands on this new app. Let me tell you I love it it is fast. I dont think it downloads any file on your harddrive, and its still fast.

  3. Great… We get another PWA trash, instead of a good UWP app that we already have. I just know the touch support will be terrible, the animations will be clunky / nonexistent, you'll see ugly selection boxes when you toggle a switch, and it will go down all the time. Also, I have to be able to import my Gmail account in the Mail and Calendar apps as well. If I can't do that, that's a huge issue.
    This really isn't an app, it's just a website…

  4. I hate everything about it. It's just another application that looks and feels completely different to everything else. Windows 11 is just the same mess as Windows 10.

  5. Key question is does it support multiple accounts, something the Web App doesn't do, except by going through a sign-out of one and sign-in of another pain? Right now Mail and Calendar switches between accounts at the click of a bottom, which PAINLESS and INTUITIVE.


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