How to clean the laptop if coffee has spilled on it

You may have accidentally spilled coffee on your laptop and after realizing it you have panicked. Don’t worry, it’s not the end of the world and you shouldn’t throw your PC away either. For this reason, we have prepared a small guide on what you should do if this peculiar and at the same time common mishap ends up happening to you without having to take it to the technical service or give up your computer for being lost due to stupidity.

A good cup of coffee is something that helps us all get up on a daily basis and many times we take it to our computer to read the latest news of the day. What happens sometimes? Well, the fact that sometimes we spill coffee on the laptop. Either because of the fact that suddenly, due to a reflex movement, we choke and cough up all the coffee on top of it, or simply tap on the cup. In any case, we must bear in mind that this may short circuit the laptop and not only that, but also leave a residue that can affect the internal communications of the PC, especially if we have added a lot of sugar.

How to clean the laptop if coffee has been spilled?

First of all unplug the laptop from the power cord In the event that it was loaded, given that Windows may start to make things dizzy when it comes to closing the different applications and time is against us, simply press the power button on your laptop. Yes, it is something that we do not usually recommend, but this is an exceptional situation.

In the event that you can disconnect the battery from your laptop, do so, since our objective is to avoid a potential short circuit. If instead you have a laptop with a non-removable battery, then turn it upside down, so that any liquid does not touch the internal circuitry and other crucial points. Whatever the case, all roads lead to Rome, so you’ll need to turn your laptop around, whatever the case

Laptop Spilled CoffeeThe next thing that interests us is to access the interior, so we will remove the screws from its inner part, we will remove the cover and very carefully We will pour the excess coffee that has been poured into the laptop to the outside of it. Our advice is that if you can disconnect all the components that you can disconnect from the main board of the laptop and clean them one by one. If necessary, take a hair dryer at full power to dry all the excess liquid and above all, be patient until everything is completely dry.

Then, when a reasonable time has passed, which will depend on the season we are in, you will only have to reassemble the laptop again to use it again in a normal way. By the way, since you have opened the laptop, take the opportunity to do a general cleaning of your laptop.

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