Josh Richards Net Worth, Height And Weight

Josh Richards is a young Canadian social media influencer. He has been active in almost all platforms, including Tik Tok, Instagram and YouTube. For each account, he has millions of followers and subscribers, which make him popular. This is the full information about the influencer, so you can understand more about him. 

Where Is Josh Richards Income From?

He gains money from his social media most of the time. He has 7.2 million followers on Instagram, and the account is monetized for sure. He also has 1.7 billion likes already on Tik Tok, and the account is followed by more than 25.5 million fans. This is why he gets tons of money from there alone. His YouTube channel is also getting more than 2.37 million subscribers and surely all of these things bring him more and more money.

How Much Does Josh Richards Monthly Earning?

He can gain a lot of money per month because his money sources are numerous. Besides social media, he is also hired as a chief strategy officer of a multimedia company called Triller. From his social media and his salary, surely his massive income is understandable. Each month, Josh can apparently gain more than $235,200.  

How Much Property of Josh Richards?

He is still 19 years old and barely moving out of his parents’ property. However, it is believed the influencer owns a property already. The location is in Toronto, Canada. That’s the location where he was born and growing up. The price tag of the house is unknown, but you know Josh likes anything lavish, so probably the house will be designed like one.

What Is Josh Richards Net Worth?

Josh Richards Net Worth In Dollars

He gains money from using social media to flaunt his ability in dancing, lip syncing, and creating video skits. From all his effort, it is assumed he can make 1,5 million USD as his net worth. The money is from his social media most of the time, but he has some contracts and endorsements.

Josh Richards Net Worth In Rupees

His money is around 10 crores INR. He also gains his money from other sources, including some recording contracts. He has some with the infamous Warner Records. He is also the very first artist to be signed with company TalentX, which will be paying him huge amount of money.

How Tall Is Josh Richards In Feet, Inch And Cm?

He is around 5 ft 11 in height. For those who cannot tell height by feet and inch, his height is around 1.8 m or 180 cm. He is a tall guy indeed and with a good-looking face, too.

How Much Does Josh Richards Weight?

He has the weight around 57 kg or 127 lbs. The weight is ideal for his overall physique.


The young star is only 19 years old and already a millionaire. This is why you just cannot take youngsters for granted. Josh Richards is the example that you can be attractive and rich at the young age.

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