Kiara Advani Net Worth, Height And Weight

Kiara Advani is a talented Indian actress. She has been starring in numerous movies and TV shows ever since her debut in the movie “Fugly” back in 2014. Since then, she has been a famous celebrity in India, and she also even made it to international-scale projects. This is what you need to know more about Kiara. For those who are interested in her career, you can find more information below.

Where Is Kiara Advani Income From?

She stars in movies and makes money from there. She appears in so many movies already. She also stars in video clips, with the one from Vishal Mishra being her latest. The song is called “Muskurayega India”, and she appears as the main model there.

How Much Does Kiara Advani Monthly Earning?

From her social media and everything else she does, she can gain around 30 Lakh per month or around 40,000 USD. The money is most likely coming from her acting career as well as social media pages.  

How Much Property Of Kiara Advani?

It is believed the actress owns a house in Mahalaxmi, Mumbai. The property is a luxurious one and a vast one. Well, it is approximately 9-acre (3.6-hectare), and she has been living there for quite some times. The house has appeared in several of her interview videos. In addition, the house is basically very luxurious and stunning.

What Is Kiara Advani Net Worth?

Kiara Advani Net Worth In Dollars

In USD, her net worth is around $3 Million. The money comes from everywhere, including her salary as an actress and for her social media. Her Instagram page is monetized, and it has around 20,2 million followers there. Certainly, she gains money from there by doing endorsement and product promotion.

Kiara Advani Net Worth In Rupees

In INR or Indian Rupees, Kiara’s net worth is predicted to be around 22 crore INR. Her incomes mostly come from her acting career and salary for starring in a movie or making TV appearances. She even goes internationally by starring in anthology film entitled Lust Stories (2018), which is produced by Netflix.

How Tall Is Kiara Advani In Feet, Inch And Cm?

The actress stands around 165 cm. The measurement is around 5 feet 5 inch. Yes, she is not too tall or too short. It is average height for Indian woman.

How Much Does Kiara Advani Weight?

She is around 55 kilograms. If you use pounds as the measurement of height, her weight is around 121 lbs. She has slender body, and dark luscious hair. Moreover, her face is very pretty.


The actress is not only incredibly beautiful, but also talented. She has a lot of projects in the future, and that is for sure. She is already a millionaire by now, but in the future her Instagram followers will keep growing, and she will be even more prominent than before. You can watch movies starred by Kiara Advani to admire how pretty she is, and how excellent her acting ability is.

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