Lilliana Ketchman Net Worth, Height And Weight

Liliana Ketchman is also known as Lily K. She is a teenage celebrity and has been appeared in TV since she was like six years old. She is well known for her appearance in dancing-reality show “Dance Mom” with Abby Lee.

Where Is Lilliana Ketchman Income From?

Her income comes from her social media, TV gigs, as well as some ads. She has starred in so many ads, including ads for Body Wrappers, Jo and Jax, Oh La La Dancewear, Puffy Mattress, SHEIN, and many more. Her social media is also used to generate money, and this is why she can get lots of money every year.

How Much Does Lilliana Ketchman Monthly Earning?

With her social media so successful, she gains a lot of money from there. Her Instagram page has 3,2 million followers, and her YouTube channel has around 3,3 million subscribers. From social media alone, it is believed she can earn 8,000 to 10,000 USD per month. Well, it is an impressive thing to do.

How Much Property of Lilliana Ketchman?

She is not 18 years old yet and still considered as minor. This is probably why she is not entitled to any sorts of property including houses. Based on her YouTube videos, it is believed she still lives with her parents and relatives. Their home is still in North Carolina, United States. The property most likely belongs to her father.

What Is Lilliana Ketchman Net Worth?

For you who want to find out about Lily and figure out her income or her overall net worth, you can find the information below.

Lilliana Ketchman Net Worth In Dollars

She appears in “Dance Mom” and has quite regular role there. This is why her overall net worth is quite big, considering she is not even 15 years old. She has around $2 million as her overall net worth, and the money is all her own.

Lilliana Ketchman Net Worth In Rupees

The amount of money Lily K makes can be converted into Indian Rupees, and it is around 14 crore INR. The amount of money she has is coming from her salary on TV gigs and from her ads as well as endorsement.

How Tall Is Lilliana Ketchman In Feet, Inch And Cm?

She is now currently 13 years old, and she stands at 4 ft 6 in or around 137 cm. Girls won’t stop growing in height until they are 17-18 years old, so this is not her final height, of course.

How Much Does Lilliana Ketchman Weight?

She is very slender and slim, thanks to her dancing regime that she has done ever since she was five. Her weight is around 45 kilograms or 99 lbs.


Basically, this teenager is very lucky young lady with loads of opportunity to dance and to make money ever since she was very young. This is why people believe she will remain popular in the future. She has celebrity friends and colleagues, too, including the infamous Jojo Siwa. Well, the name Lilliana Ketchman or Lily K will still exist in this industry.

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