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Love is in the air, love is in The Sims 4, love is everywhere! Romance is one of the central parts of any game: building homes, expanding families, breaking them up, and adding a whirlwind of emotional experiences to The Sims. If the complex dynamics of relationships and love are very well represented in the game, some would argue that there are many aspects missing, with many fingers being pointed at the visuals. To make sure your special romances look as special as they feel, we’ve handpicked some The Sims 4 kiss mod boosts for you. Enjoy!

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Los Sims 4 Mod Kiss Picks

Our list has a little something for everyone, but let’s start with a wild card.

Autonomous First Kiss by Polarbearsims

Two Sims are talking, something is there but neither is sure why. Are they being nice? Is this flirting? Do they feel the same? Why do her lips look so attractive right now? What will be his next move? Well, no mods, no mystery. you know what will or will not happen based on the command you give. But what if there was another way?

Polarbearsims has created a simple yet brilliant mod that allows Sims to let their emotions take control of their first kiss attempt. It is mutual? Let your Sims flip the coin and find out! Download it here.

hungry kiss animation

This one needs very little explanation. ERROR404PHILLIPS has added a hungry kiss animation worth the name, for those moments when a simple kiss is too little but woohoo is too much. Aren’t you curious? I can get it here!

Dip Kiss Animation by Mia

For hopeless romantics, few things pull at the heartstrings like a soft kiss. This simple but beautiful Mia animation sees one of the Sims walk up to the other, initiate a kiss, and then dive in before getting up and finishing with a kiss on the nose. The hearts will melt, so be ready when you download it.

Kiss Neck for adults by Shimrod101

This simple mod takes care of a small annoyance found in The Sims: without using mods, neck kissing is only available to teens. Community content creator Shimrod101 made a small mod that opens up this option for young adults, adults, and seniors, as well as removing lockout and cooldown time limits so couples can have fun without them. This mod can be downloaded here.

Teen/adult romance and mess by Polarbearsims

Some Sims start earlier than others, and there are times when young adults and teens may find that they are more than friends. This Polarbearsims mod allows kissing and romance between different age categories, from teenagers and up, and can be downloaded here.

Romance Beyond The Sims 4 Mod Kissing Lists

Once you’re done giving the perfect kisses, be sure to visit our romance mod compilation for even more goodies!

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