Minecraft, 90% faster on your AMD PC with the new driver

Since they renewed their Adrenalin drivers from the AMD graphics card division, it seems that they have put the turbo in what their software is concerned. Which is not surprising, since a bad graphics driver can mean losing against the rival in many comparisons. At the end of the day, we users buy the graphics card that gives us the best performance under our budget. Well, the new driver 22.7.1 the AMD get better performance in minecraftas well as some more surprises.

In the world of PC games we are seeing how a consolidation is taking place in the face of consumption. For one thing we have a number of games that are highly popular, including Minecraft. So it is normal that in the new updates of the graphic drivers optimizations are being produced for these games. At the end of the day, what matters is that potential buyers acquire your graphics card and not that of the competition.

Up to 92% speed in Minecraft with AMD driver 22.7.1

Yes, AMD has optimized its new graphics driver so that the number of frames per second when playing Minecraft almost doubles. In any case, we must remember that the Microsoft game is not one of the most demanding, but this type of performance increase in specific games that comes with each driver update is always welcome. Specifically, and as you can see in the slide below, this is achieved on some of the new models of the recently released RX 6050 XT graphics cards, although we should expect similar performance on the standard RX 6000.

Performance Minecraft Driver 22.7.1 AMD

All of this is a product of driver improvement for games that use OpenGL as graphics API, which today, after the push of DirectX 12 and Vulkan, well, are relatively few. However, there are a large number of applications and especially old console emulators that use OpenGL for their visual section, as is the case with PCSX2 or Dolphin, whose performance will benefit if you use an AMD graphics card.

AMD Noise Suppression, the true weapon of the new driver

AMD has released a response to NVIDIA’s RTX Broadcast in its driver 22.7.1 and that, like its rival’s solution, it is aDeep learning algorithm that eliminates the noise of our voice and the background when recording to give a better sound clarity. Which is a feature that we have been waiting for quite some time in AMD GPUs.

However, its compatibility is limited, since it can only be used on computers with a processor AMD Ryzen 5000 and RX 6000 graphics card. Which we partially understand since RDNA 2 supports instructions in formats like BFLOAT16, Int8 and Int4 that are widely used in Deep Learning. Although honestly, we believe that any Ryzen should be able to handle it.

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