Newskill launches a new chair with which you will stop sweating in summer

During the summer, spending many hours in front of the PC can be quite annoying if the heat is pressing, and even more so if your chair does not sweat properly. Now the Spanish company Newskill has launched its new chair on the market Hugsdesigned to adapt naturally to any complexion to always be comfortable and, most interestingly, with a finish in breathable fabric high quality.

This new Newskill gaming chair is designed to provide the user with all the necessary features to give him great support and comfort and, in this way, be able to spend long work or game sessions without feeling pain or discomfort in the body due to a bad position.

Newskill Fafnir, an ideal chair for summer

The new Fafnir joins the extensive catalog of chairs from the Spanish manufacturer Newskill, with a new model that stands out for its highly stylized ergonomic design. It is made with high-quality materials that affect not only the comfort of the chair, but also its durability and robustness. For example, its star-shaped base is made of reinforced metal with a special design that gives the chair great stability; For its part, the backrest has an extra padded area that works as an integrated cervical cushion to give the user additional support without the inconvenience of having a cushion that moves there.

The shape of the backrest of this chair makes it suitable for almost any type of user, since it will adapt perfectly to the shape and size automatically. The interior is made of soft foam that adapts to the shape of the body and is very comfortable, and its upholstered in fabric makes it very breathable, something ideal for these hot summer days.

It should also be noted that, logically, the chair has good ergonomics: it has comfortable armrests with modifiable position, and thanks to its class 4 piston the height of the seat can be adjusted (it supports, by the way, up to 150 kg of weight). Five 50 mm diameter wheels are integrated into its wide reinforced metal base, perfect for being able to move effortlessly on any type of floor.

Newskill Fafnir

This is a chair with relatively large dimensions, with a base of 59 cm, a seat width of 50 cm and a depth of 47.5 cm, while the total height is between 112 and 119 cm, depending on the height at which it is placed. the one with the piston on, so it should be suitable for users between 1.50 and 1.90 cm tall and, as we mentioned before, up to 150 Kg in weight.

Price and availability

The new Newskill Fafnir is now available in the manufacturer’s online store At a price of 149,95€, neither very expensive nor very cheap but adequate to the quality and benefits of this chair. In addition, as you may have already noticed in the image above, there are a total of five color variants to choose from, from the usual black and red that promotes an aggressive aesthetic for gaming, to the elegant white, passing through the gray and pink that It also looks very good aesthetically speaking.

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