On Android smartphones"Windows 11"I tried to install.[Measure CineBench]

This time it was done with OnePlus 6, but it can also be introduced with many other smartphones equipped with Snapdragon 845. I was able to install it on my Mi MIX 2S as well. Also, it was said that Wi-Fi does not work in the video, but now a driver has been added and it works perfectly. Even so, you can see how cheap notebook PCs such as Iris Ohyama have shit specs. You can check the specs below. Amazon is an affiliate link.・ Product link:https://amzn.to/3iJeLpo
・ Official page:https://www.irisohyama.co.jp/luca/oa/pc/ipc-aa1401/

The introduction procedure is introduced in the blog article.・ Blog article: How to install “Windows 11” on Android smartphone of SD845

Other links / blogs:https://smartasw.com/

Sound effects / BGM ・ Maoudamashii ・ Amacha no Ongaku Kobo ・ DOVA SYNDROME ・ Nikoni Commons


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