Prabhas Net Worth, Height And Weight

You’ve probably heard of the name Prabhas. He is regarded as one of South India’s greatest superstars. He began his career as an actor and rose to prominence after appearing in one of India’s films in 2002. Initially, he had no intention of becoming an actor and intended to be a businessman. However, owing to his uncle, he was able to break into the world of acting. Some people are interested about the quantity of money that this charming actor possesses.

Where Is Prabhas Income From?

Prabhas’ primary occupation is acting, as is widely known. He frequently features in Indian tv serials and films. Furthermore, it is well known that he works for a living as a model. Because of his reputation, he is frequently included in ads and promotions.

How Much Does Prabhas Monthly Earning?

He could make about 30,000 rupees each day. His monthly income might approach 5 crore INR. Over the course of a year, he can make between 70 and 80 crore INR. Isn’t it a fantastic figure?

How Much Property of Prabhas?

The precise number of properties held by this superstar is unknown. However, according to other sources, he has a luxurious villa worth 10 crore INR. It is the villa in which he now resides with his family. In addition, he has many luxury car collections, including Jaguar, Audi, Range Rover, Mercedes Benz, Rolls Royce, and BMW. There are also bike collections such as the Suzuki Intruder and Hayabusa, the Royal Enfield Bullet, and the Kawasaki Ninja.

What Is Prabhas Net Worth?

In this article, we will look at Prabhas’s earnings and net worth.

Prabhas net worth in dollars

According to reports, this stunning actor has a net worth of approximately $27 million. However, according to other information, his net worth is expected to be about $29 million in 2021.

Prabhas net worth in rupees

His net worth is estimated at $29 million if we converts it into rupees, we will get the amount of approximately 213 Crore INR. It is a number that’s undoubtedly earned by a superstar like him.

How Tall Is Prabhas In Feet, Inch And Cm?

This actor has a fairly high body which is about 6 feet 1 inch or about 185 cm. His height physique, in addition to his looks, makes him look more attractive.

How Much Does Prabhas Weight?

He has a pretty athletic body. His stout body is perfect for being an actor. It is known that his weight is about 95 Kg (209 lbs). He enjoys volleyball. In fact, it is reported that he built a volleyball court at his home and enjoys playing the sport in his leisure time.


Aside from his talent, Prabhas attractive looks and fine figure make him one of Bollywood’s most well-known actors. His efforts have resulted in a net worth of around $29 million. According to reports, he regularly donates his fortune to needy children. His kind heart often draws the attention of the public, and many people admire him.

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