Rishabh Pant Net Worth Height And Weight

Do you enjoy watching cricket matches? If yes, are you familiar with Rishabh Pant? He is a dependable left-handed batsman and cricketer. His name got well known after he scored as an Indian cricketer in the Indian Premier League (IPL).

He became into one of the world’s most talented batsmen because of his development. Many people complimented him and stated that he will represent India in the future.

Many people are taking notice of his fortune. You must be interested about the net worth of this dependable player, aren’t you? Here will be presented the information regarding the income and wealth of Rishabh Pant.

Where Is Rishabh Pant Income From?

The main job he has done till now is playing cricket. According to reports, he earns the majority of his money from playing cricket in the IPL. He debuted in the IPL in 2016 and immediately proved his amazing talent.

Then, in 2017, he was named to the Indian cricket team for the first time, against England. He continued to play cricket after that and eventually became the professional as he is today.

How Much Does Rishabh Pant Monthly Earning?

According to one source, Pant’s annual pay as a cricketer is approximately 15 crore INR. However, other data indicates that his salary in 2021 will be approximately 20 crore rupees.

How Much Property of Rishabh Pant?

There is no definitive data on the number of properties Pant owns. However, based on many photos on his social media, Pant’s home is extremely luxurious, with a wood-filled interior and a minimalist style. The monochromatic arrangement, which is frequently seen in a house’s side, makes a nice impact on its own. His home is also one of the most expensive in India. It is also reported that he owns real estate in his own country.

Besides the house, Pant owns a luxury car. Although his car collection is limited, the vehicle he owns is quite luxurious. According to reports, he has a Mercedes SUV, the most luxury car in the world.

What Is Rishabh Pant Net Worth?

Rishabh Pant net worth in dollars

From the latest data, Pant’s net worth until 2021 is around $6.5 million. This number is quite a lot considering that he only entered the world of cricket about 5 years ago.

Rishabh Pant net worth in rupees

His net worth, which is around $6.5 million, if converted into rupees, will get the amount of around 47 Crore INR. That’s quite a lot to get at such a young age.

How Tall Is Rishabh Pant In Feet, Inch And Cm?

As a cricketer, it is said that Pant’s height is about 5 ft 8 inches or about 173 cm. His tall posture has indeed become a common thing among cricket players and other sports.

How Much Does Rishabh Pant Weight?

His body also looks good and healthy with some prominent muscles. His weight is estimated to be around 65 Kg (143 lbs). You could say he is quite ideal with the right portion of weight and height.


Rishabh Pant came to popularity as a professional cricketer at an early age, frequently representing India in international matches. He has a net worth of around $6.5 million as a result of his talent. At such a young age, his potential as a cricketer and batsman is blossoming.

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