Rohit Sardana Net Worth Height And Weight

Rohit Sardana was a famous Indian anchor man and TV news personality. He had a long career as TV journalist, and surely he was one of the most prominent men in India. He, sadly, passed away earlier this year due to COVID-19. For you who want to find out more about him and figure out about his net worth and everything else, the needed information is below.

 Where Is Rohit Sardana Income From?

 He had major contracts with numerous TV shows, including Zee News, of course. He also got huge amount of money from hosting Aaj Tak TV show. He had some other businesses and investments, but the detail was unknown

 How Much Does Rohit Sardana Monthly Earning?

 Sardana could make money around 40,000 USD per month as his salary from TV networks. It was a huge amount of money, but considering he was a senior TV journalist, it is understandable. He passed away on April 2021 and just before that, his monthly salary was predicted to be around 40,000 USD, if not more.

How Much Property of Rohit Sardana?

It is unknown how many houses owned by Rohit. He had a house in New Delhi, India, though. His house’s owner is not known by now, (after his death) but it is most likely being inherited by one of his children (probably the eldest). The price of the house is unknown, and the exact location of the house is also not made public.

What Is Rohit Sardana Net Worth?

 Rohit Sardana Net Worth In Dollars

He was a major personality and quite a celebrity in India. This is why he had the wealth like one, too. It was believed his latest net worth, before he unexpectedly passed away, was around 1 million USD. The money came from all the financing and investment he had done all his life, and surely from his salary as TV anchor as well.

Rohit Sardana Net Worth In Rupees

1 million USD if converted into INR is around 7 crore INR. His net worth was coming from his TV news contract and salary.

How Tall Is Rohit Sardana In Feet, Inch And Cm?

Well, you can say Rohit is tall. He had the face and the height like a model, and of course he had this TV charm. His height is 178 cm or around 5 feet 8 inches.

How Much Does Rohit Sardana Weight?

He was a very good-looking gentleman, and his weight was around 70 kg or approximately 145 lbs.


 Well, Rohit was surely a good man and everyone agrees about this. His death was mourned by a lot of people all across India. He had left a great legacy and of course, massive amount of inheritance for his family.

Before his death, he had money more than 1 million USD, and that was huge amount to be written on a will. Well, Rohit Sardana is going to be a legend in India news TV show even in the future.

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