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Tower Corsair iCUE 220T RGB Airflow Cristal Templado It is a very good option to mount a gaming PC. Above all, its front stands out, which, although it is not completely open, has a design that allows a large air intake. In addition, it offers a good cable management system and allows the power supply to be hidden.

Modern and elegant design

When we choose a tower for our computer, the first thing we should check is the air flow that offers. This can be seen at a glance, we just have to see the front panel. If it is closed, the airflow will be poor, even if it has side openings. While, if it is open, we will have excellent airflow and the hardware will be better cooled.

If anyone knows about computer chassis design, it’s Corsair. They have sought to offer a elegant and different design on the front panel. The option it offers, of a semi-open panel, is really interesting. Openings have been strategically generated on the front to enhance the entry of cold air. It is an interesting hybrid between the closed panel and the mesh panel.

This CORSAIR Premium Box is 42 off take advantage

Internally, this chassis is based on the current design of computer towers for gaming PCs. The power supply is isolated of the rest of the components, which is great. On the one hand, on an aesthetic level all cables are hidden and allows a cleaner construction. In addition, it prevents the heat generated by the power supply from rising to the graphics card.

This chassis is intended for ATX base boards the lower formats like mini-ITX or micro-ATX. So we can mount any motherboard on the market without major problems.

This computer case offers us space for state-of-the-art components. supports up to 160mm heatsinks, being compatible with the vast majority of processor coolers on the market. Regarding graphics cardsthese can be up to 300mm, so we should have no problem installing a mid-range one. Finally, indicate that it admits power supplies up to 180mm.

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all very well thought out

We have seen the important general characteristics, now we go with the rest of the important characteristics. We will start with the support for storage. Offer us this chassis space for two SSD drives They are installed just behind the motherboard. Additionally, it offers us two removable bays for 2.5-inch or 3.5-inch drives. They are more than enough, since more and more users are opting for M.2 drives.

This chassis has a controller that allows managing the three front fans. The three fans that are integrated into the front are whats Corsair SP120 RGB Pro, which offer great airflow and tight loudness. Through the controller we significantly reduce the number of cables that must be connected to the motherboard.

Finally, note that on the front panel we have two USB 3.0 ports and one jack connector Combined audio for headphones and microphone.

If you are looking at a chassis to mount your next gaming PC, this is an excellent option. It has plenty of space, allows for efficient cable management, and offers very good airflow.

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