Two excellent microphones for less than 40€ to get started on Twitch

We have the HyperX SoloCast, a very good quality microphone with a cardioid pattern, especially focused on streaming. Also, we have the TONOR TC-777, which is also of cardioid design and comes with a tripod to be able to vary its position. We will see more of both products, which are of very good quality.

HyperX SoloCast, good sound quality and easy to use

More and more users are rushing to open their own twitch channel to try to make a place for themselves in the competitive field of streaming. A large investment is not necessary to start, but if we can save a little money, the better. This microphone from the renowned manufacturer of RAM memory, SSD and various peripherals, HyperX is a good option.

The most important thing about a streaming microphone is the type of sound pattern it has. This one has a cardioid design, which means that it will only pick up the sound of our voice. All that sound that comes from the rear will be “obvious” by this microphone.

Something very interesting about this microphone is that it is characterized by being a plug-and-play type. It is based on a conector USB, which makes its installation very simple and does not require drivers to start using it. This allows us to save time and use it quickly and easily.

Two excellent microphones for less than 40E to get started

It has at the top a button That in allows to mute quickly and easily. When the microphone is working, a led indicator on the front, and when not, it appears off. We will be able to know quickly and easily if we are broadcasting and/or recording.

A flexible and adjustable support has been arranged, so that it adapts to the needs of the user. But in addition, this microphone offers enormous versatility. It has r3/8-inch and 5/8-inch threads, allowing its installation on articulated arms or other supports. In addition, this microphone is compatible with PS4, PS5 and Mac, as well as with any PC on the market.

This HyperX microphone is a very interesting and common option among those who start streaming. Even streamers with a significant number of users already use this microphone for its good quality.

TONOR TC-777, a versatile solution that you should consider

This microphone may not sound as familiar to you as the previous one, but it is one of the best sellers on Amazon. It has a huge number of reviews and they are mostly positive, so it is a product to take into account. Let’s see what are the main features of this microphone.

Like the previous model, this TONOR microphone is of cardioid type, the best for streaming and podcast. This design “only” picks up sounds coming from the front and is not capable of picking up sounds from the rear.

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The installation of this microphone is extremely simple and fast. It is based on a conector USB And it’s plug and play, no need to install drivers and stories. Count with one tripod with three legs with a central ball joint system that allows 180 degree angle adjustment. Something interesting is that a Pop filter is incorporated, something that can be very useful to attenuate certain explosions of words that are common when we speak.

This microphone, how could it be otherwise, is compatible with any computer on the market. Furthermore, it is compatible con Linux, Mac, PS4 y PS5, so we can use it practically on any device or console. It is also compatible with other types of tripods and telescopic arms.

A very good quality option with a reasonable price, ideal for those starting out in the streaming segment. To get a snag, it seems to not have a led indicator when it is working.

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