Vidya Vox Net Worth, Height And Weight

Vidya Vox, whose real name is Vidya Iyer, is an American singer and YouTuber. However, she is not a native American, rather she is from India. Her singing talent deserves to be appreciated. Even famous Indian actors, Hrithik Roshan and Shah Rukh Khan also recognized Vidya’s talent. She has achieved more than 30 super hits mashups.

Now her channel has reached around 7.42 million subscribers. Of the 56 videos he uploaded on Youtube, she has gotten almost 1 billion views to date. Many questions such as ‘roughly how much net worth does Vidya have?’ or ‘how much salary does she get from her Youtube channel?’ will definitely be imprinted in your mind. In this article, some details will be given about the amount of income and wealth that Vidya Vox has.

Where Is Vidya Vox Income From?

Vidya’s main job is a singer as well as a Youtuber. She has opened her Youtube channel since 2014 and has gained around 7.42 million subscribers until now. She is very famous for her good singing talent. If you open the channel, you will see some of the videos that have surpassed 50 million views.

How Much Does Vidya Vox Monthly Earning?

Her monthly income has an uncertain amount considering she is a Youtuber. Usually the salary will be different every month. In 2021, she earns an average salary of around $8.000 – $9.000 per month. However, this August, she has improved and her income is around $37.000.

How Much Property of Vidya Vox?

There is no definite data regarding the property owned by this beautiful singer. However, from her social media, she has shown several of her house’s sides that look simple but still aesthetic. Her house is filled with some retro items and some plants that decorate her living room. It is not known what type of car she owns because she also seldom uploads her car collection.

What Is Vidya Vox Net Worth?

Vidya Vox net worth in dollars

From the latest data, it is estimated that her net worth until 2021 is around $2 million.

Vidya Vox net worth in rupees

Her net worth is about $2 million, if you convert it into rupees, you will get a total of around 14,6 crore INR. Reportedly, this wealth continues to increase every year.

How Tall Is Vidya Vox In Feet, Inch And Cm?

This beautiful woman reportedly has a height of about 5 feet 3 inches or about 161 cm. Her height is fairly normal for a woman.

How Much Does Vidya Vox Weight?

If you’ve seen some of her posts on social media, you probably already know that she has a very ideal body. She was seen several times doing exercise. It is known that her weight is about 50 Kg (110 lbs).


Vidya Vox gained popularity from her singing talent. Many people like her good voice when singing a song. Her name became known after he uploaded a video mashup of Indian and western songs. This popularity gave her a fortune that reached $2 million.

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