Vinheteiro Net Worth And Height

Have you ever heard of Vinheteiro? He is an American YouTuber from Brazil who is quite famous. In addition, he is also famous as a pianist from Brazil. He often uploads videos of him playing the piano on his Youtube channel. He plays several compilations of songs using his piano. This makes many people interested to see the videos.

Some people are curious about how much Vinheteiro earns from being a Youtuber. There are also those who want to know the approximate amount of wealth he has. This article will discuss a little about the income and wealth of this pianist.

Where Is Vinheteiro Income From?

As it is known that his main income comes from his Youtube channel. He has opened his channel since 2008. Until now, he has around 6.5 million subscribers. Of the 543 videos he has uploaded, he has received 820 million views. He showed his talent for playing the piano on his Youtube. Of course, because of his good game, many people began to appreciate his talent.

How Much Does Vinheteiro Monthly Earnings?

In a data said the amount of salary he gets from his channel is around $4.000 per month. He also earns an average salary of $5.000 in 2021. This income is reported to have decreased since September 2020. Nonetheless, the decline is not too much, and it is still fairly stable.

How Much Property of Vinheteiro?

There is no definite data regarding the number of properties he owns. However, if you look at some of the posts on his social media, he looks like he’s showing some sides of his house. It is seen some antiques that he put near the piano that he often plays. Besides that, there is no further information about the collection of cars and bikes.

What Is Vinheteiro Net Worth?

Vinheteiro net worth in dollars

In a recent data, his net worth until 2021 is around $1.8 million. That’s all the amount he gets from his Youtube channel alone. Most likely the number could be more than that, considering that he is also often invited to various other television shows.

Vinheteiro net worth in rupees

If we convert his wealth which reaches $1.8 million into rupees, then we will get the amount of around 13 crore INR. This is a fairly large number.

How Tall Is Vinheteiro In Feet, Inch And Cm?

There is no exact data on the pianist’s height, but from one of his posts standing next to Eduardo Bolsonaro who is 189 cm tall, he looks a bit shorter. Vinheteiro’s possible height is about 180 cm or about 5 feet 10 inches.


Vinheteiro has a great talent for playing the piano. In addition to his greatness, he is also a funny person. The content often appears in some of 9gag’s posts. Because of this talent, he began to be known by many people. As of now, he has a net worth of around $1.8 million. This amount is quite a lot considering that he has long opened his Youtube channel.

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